Friday, August 29, 2008


Everyone knows that before you start school, especially your first day of kindergarten, you MUST have a new pair of shoes. Ian picked out "Slimmers", we saw them on a TV commercial on Cartoon Network! Way COOL!

One also needs a TON of new school supplies!
(sorry the photo is sideways, my bad)
OK - the BIG day - August 25, 2008. I took the day off of work to take care of
Ian, Scott took the day off to take care of ME!
Lot's of kids and parents walked to school that morning from out neighborhood.
Ian got settled in and comfortable right away!
Already using his new "First" pencil!
A genius in the making!
After school, mom gets a quick smile. Ian had a GREAT day!
By the way, mom was fine too, dad took mom shopping! Nothing a little
'retail therapy" won't cure!
We also, celebrated completing out first day of school by going swimming at
the brand new Community Activity Center's mini-water park! A fun, cooling way
to end the day!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO ME (and Scott) - 15 blissful years TODAY!

Scott and I have been married 15 years, today! Amazing how the time flies! We had THE best wedding ever! Our friends and family came from all over the country just to spend the weekend with us in Sioux Falls SD and celebrate. I have the wedding video to prove it! Come by the house sometime, I would be over-the-moon to share it with anyone willing to sit for a couple hours! Snacks and beverages will be provided.

We look so young!

August 7, 1993

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

What happened in July?......VACATION!!!

I must apologize to my loyal readers, you know who you are, for taking sooo long to get a post of our vacation done!

Vacation this year was on Mustang Island, Port Aransas TX. We rented a condo at Mustang Towers, cool place. We had a huge group again this year, will probably continue to grow. More invites for next year! Anyway, this years big story at the beach was hurricane "Dolly"!

Sunday 7/20 - We take the ferry boat from Aransas Pass over to Port Aransas. It's more fun than driving over to the island! Scott and Ian on the ferry!

Monday 7/21

Ian and Cameron catching some waves!

Tuesday 7/22

It's all about "Dolly"! Here is a shot of my Weather Channel hero, Jim Cantori. On Monday night the people at the Weather Channel said Jim was going to be broadcasting from Corpus Christi, and I was OK with this, for those of you who are fans of the Weather Channel, you know that they always send poor Jim into the eye of the storm! Anyway, Tuesday morning the Weather Channel announces that Jim is going to be broadcasting from Port Aransas, I am NOT OK with this! Jim does not need to be in the same town as me!

Photo #1 - Our beach at 12noon on Tuesday 7/22

Don't those "Dolly" clouds look awesome?

Photo #2 - Scott & Ian playing on the beach @ 3p 7/22

Waves are getting more and more wild! We didn't move fast enough and the ocean swallowed Scott's "man purse"! The first casualty of hurricane Dolly was Scott's cell phone!

Photo #3 - Our beach @ 430p
Beach, what beach?

Wednesday 7/23 - Our beach @8a! Storm had moved in during the night! Very high winds and rain. We went out to play in the waves, but I couldn't stay out as long because the wind was blowing the rain so hard it was stinging my skin! I have to admit I was scared! We were 150 miles away from the real storm, but that is about as close as I ever want to be to a hurricane, and Dolly was only a Cat. 2!!!

Wednesday 7/23 - To celebrate our survival of the hurricane, we went out to eat! Not a bad gamble, no one else was out so there was no waiting to get into the restaurant! I went for broke and ordered the king crab legs! AWESOME!!!

Thursday 7/24 - Sun is out and it's time to LEAVE! The 2nd casualty of Dolly was a window in our van! The pressure built up in the vehicle and one of the windows blew out! We were not alone, 2 other people lost windows in their cars too! Silly me, no camera to document!

BUT, I do have a picture of a HUGE shark! If you look real close you can see he still has a piece of his lunch stuck in his teeth!

Friday 7/25 - To wrap up our spectacular vacation, everyone moved to The Lukes house in The Woodlands TX. (Scott's sister's place) We enjoyed the pool ALL day Friday.

Ian learned a few lessons in water-gun combat.
Lesson #1 - Learn to shoot water gun!

Lesson #2 - Locate target - GIRL - aim and fire!

Lesson #3 - Befriend first target and go for target number 2 - GIRL!

Saturday 7/26 - A day at the Johnson Space Center!


Ian was SOOOOO excited to see a mock-up of the space shuttle, can you tell!

Scott, Ian, & and a Saturn 3. We found out that this was 1 of 3 Saturn rockets built and NASA was preparing to launch when the funds were pulled! So this was a "real" rocket, not a "mock-up"!

Future astronaut?